Why join the Cancer Alliance?

The Cancer Alliance provides a joint platform for cancer related non-profit organisations and advocates to work together on issues of national importance.

For more information on joining the Cancer Alliance please email us at or contact any EXCO member.


Membership is open to any organization or individual which has an interest in or works in the field of cancer and cancer-related diseases. There are three membership categories:

  • Full Members include registered non-profit organisations in the field of non-communicable diseases and specifically cancer and cancer related diseases, as well as individual advocates with a documented body of work in cancer advocacy.
  • Associate Members include national professional associations, academic bodies and institutions and foundations and trusts who may have an interest in cancer and wish to support the activities of the Cancer Alliance. (Excluding the pharmaceutical industry).
  • Affiliate Members include community support groups and organizations that do not have a registered NPO number.

Full and Associate Members pay an annual membership fee to support the basic operation of the Alliance


Members agree to be governed by the Membership Agreement and associated Code of Ethics.

  • The Membership Agreement describes the primary objectives of the Cancer Alliance, the qualifications, requirements and benefits for the various membership categories, a code of conduct for members and the organizational details of the Alliance.
  • The Code of Ethics guides the internal relationships among members of the Cancer Alliance and interactions with all external stakeholders.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EXCO) leads and facilitates the work of the Cancer Alliance. The EXCO consists of five to seven persons drawn from Cancer Alliance member organizations. EXCO members are nominated for their specific skills required for strategic implementation. They serve on EXCO in their individual capacity and not as representatives of their specific organisations.

Where appropriate and practical, working committees may be established to produce bodies of work and embark on activities that will support the goal and strategic objectives of the Cancer Alliance.


Depending on availability of funds, the Cancer Alliance will endeavour to hold one member’s meeting each year for the purpose of impact reporting, strategy development, elections, setting of annual membership fees, and mandating of the EXCO.


drop us a line


drop us a line