What is Cancer Advocacy?

Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. Health Advocacy supports and promotes patients’ health care rights, and enhances community health and policy initiatives that focus on the availability, safety and quality of care. The Cancer Alliance has adopted a human- rights based approach to cancer care that acknowledges that access to services is a matter of social justice, and gives voice to the voiceless.



Advocacy Toolkits provides fact sheets, policy briefs and notes on how to meet the challenges, aimed at policy and decision makers. These are supported by sample stories drawn from the PhotoVoice research. This is completed by providing suggested social media messaging which you can use in your involvement in our call Let’s Talk About Cancer. The role of these Toolkits are to provide a voice to the voiceless. And to bring action and change to the areas that need it most.


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