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The Cancer Alliance is a collective group of cancer control non-profit organisations and cancer advocates brought together under a common mandate, to provide a platform of collaboration for cancer civil society to speak with one voice and be a powerful tool to affect change for all South African adults and children affected by cancer.


Advocacy Toolkits provides fact sheets, policy briefs and notes on how to meet the challenges, aimed at policy and decision makers. These are supported by sample stories drawn from the PhotoVoice research. This is completed by providing suggested social media messaging which you can use in your involvement in our call Let’s Talk About Cancer. The role of these Toolkits are to provide a voice to the voiceless. And to bring action and change to the areas that need it most.

How We Work


The Cancer Alliance is managed by the Executive Committee (EXCO), which is elected by and drawn from our member organizations. All EXCO members contribute their time and effort on a voluntary basis, and are supported by their own organizations where necessary.
Cancer Alliance Members pay an annual membership fee which is used for minimal day to day expenses.


The Cancer Alliance does not compete with its own members in fund raising. Our projects are funded by grants and donations made by organizations, usually to support a specific objective of the Cancer Alliance.


The objectives of the Cancer Alliance are expressed in our Strategic Plan for 2018 as:

Ensure that cancer becomes a national priority
Promote surveillance and research
Improve services for cancer prevention and control
Strengthen human resources for cancer interventions throughout the healthcare system
Strengthen technology, equipment, vaccines, medicine and infrastructure for cancer
Reduce stigma and discrimination for cancer patients and survivors
Increase engagement within the cancer community.


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