Cancer Alliance Website – Member Zone Registration

You may have noticed a new option on the main menu of the Cancer Alliance website: MEMBERS / MEMBER ZONE. This option will provide you with access to information, documents, etc which are reserved for Members of the Cancer Alliance only. At present this allows access to a few items, including the Cancer Alliance logos and Corporate Identity documents, but it will be steadily populated further to become a useful resource for all Members.

However, this requires that you register on the website! 

Registration will provide you with a User Name and a Password which will then allow you to Log on and obtain access to the reserved Member Zone.

Please would you assist us to get this new system up and running as soon as possible.

To Register please proceed as follows:

  • When you open the Cancer Alliance landing page you will see a new MEMBER LOGON  section on the right-hand side.
  • As you don’t yet have a Logon name, click on Join Us below the Login button.
  • Then follow the instructions to create your own Logon profile.
  • This is a two-step process: Once you have registered your registration needs to be approved. Once approved you will receive an email and can then use the new feature.

Please reply to this email if you have any difficulties or find any problems with the process.

Note: The system requires each person to have a unique email address. So multiple users at your organization will each require their own unique email account. Registrations will be verified by reference to our current master email list.

Kind regards

Peter Hers

Nkuli Boikhutso, Nersan Govender, Linda Greeff, Peter Hers, Alana James, Elize Joubert, Salomé Meyer, Zodwa Sithole

Twitter: @Cancer_ZA

TOGETHER WE CAN – it is not beyond us.